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Summary of Articles in UK and International Media, Scottish & UK Parliament

Find links to recent media articles (2017) via the Sling the Mesh campaign webpage or Scottish Mesh Survivors media webpage: See below for articles up to July 2014 in the UK media, international media, Scottish Parliament and UK Parliament. UNITED KINGDOM 1 July 2014: Barry and District News: Campaign group look for Wales to follow Scotland’s … Continue reading

Links for Scottish Sunday Mail Articles

Here are links for all the Scottish Sunday Mail Mesh Campaign Articles by journalist Marion Scott: Sunday Mail 7 December 2014: Sunday Mail 26 October 2014: Sunday Mail 5 October 2014: Sunday Mail 28 September 2014: Sunday Mail 14 September 2014: Sunday Mail 7 September 2014: Sunday Mail 17 … Continue reading

News – Evening Times: “I don’t have a life after op’

This news story by Janice Burns appeared in the Evening Times, Glasgow, on 16th December 21014 and describes how a woman was left in constant pain and agony after surgery to address a bladder problem. Ambulance technician Debbie McGeachy is suing NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for damages after suffering dreadful complications after mesh implant … Continue reading

Scotland’s Sunday Mail: Scottish women may be able to sue NHS

In the latest article by Marion Scott of the Sunday Mail, lawyer Cameron Fyfe, who is representing 300 women suffering complications, argues that every woman in Scotland given a mesh implant can now sue the NHS even if they have not suffered complications. A law which was devised to  compensate workers exposed to asbestos, but … Continue reading

Sunday Mail (Scotland): Mesh operation victim reveals agony in emotional plea to Health Secretary

A woman who has suffered appalling complications following mesh surgery has made an emotional plea in a letter to the Health Secretary which was published in the Sunday Mail on 7th April 2013. In this third article on pelvic mesh by journalist Marion Scott, we hear the story of Lynn Thyne who suffered unwanted complications … Continue reading

Scotland’s Sunday Mail: Patients want summit with Health Secretary after mesh surgery complications

Following the article in last week’s Sunday Mail which reported on the debilitating complications suffered by a number of women following surgery using mesh implants, this week’s story reveals how the paper has been contacted by many more women experiencing complications. The news story suggests the issue could be a potential scandal after scores of … Continue reading

Sunday Mail, Scotland: Implants used to treat bladder problems could be causing agonising health problems

This article published in Scotland’s Sunday Mail newspaper on 24th March 2013 reveals how implants used to treat bladder and prolapse problems could be causing agonising health problems for hundreds of Scots women. The article by journalist Marion Scott explains how at least fifteen Scots women are pursuing legal advice on compensation claims after enduring … Continue reading

Meshing with People’s Lives: MHRA and the Mesh Implant Problem

Despite growing and convincing evidence that complications from synthetic mesh implants are not rare and are ruining the lives of many women, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) remain reluctant to fully acknowledge the problem and to act with any real vigour to address the mesh problem adequately.  This is a scandal in … Continue reading

Jury delivers verdict in J&J Prolift Mesh Trial, New Jersey

Victory declared as jury awards over $11 million in Prolift mesh case against Johnson & Johnson A jury finally delivered its verdict on punitive damages after days of deliberation at the end of a month-long trial which came to a close on 28th February 2013. The nine jurors in the New Jersey court awarded $7.76 … Continue reading

First J&J Pelvic Mesh Trial starts in New Jersey, US

Many legal specialists in the US and the UK will be watching with interest as the first pelvic mesh trial against Ethicon, a division of Johnson & Johnson, starts in a US court this week.  Bloomberg News reports that the first trial will involve a lawsuit filed by Linda Gross who needed multiple surgeries to … Continue reading

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