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Summary of Articles in UK and International Media, Scottish & UK Parliament

Find links to recent media articles (2017) via the Sling the Mesh campaign webpage or Scottish Mesh Survivors media webpage:

See below for articles up to July 2014 in the UK media, international media, Scottish Parliament and UK Parliament.


1 July 2014: Barry and District News: Campaign group look for Wales to follow Scotland’s lead:

5 June 2014: Campaign against controversial mesh procedure steps up:

April 2014: BBC Radio 4 You & Yours – Woman tells how mesh has ruined her life:22

January 2014: BBC Radio 4 Face the Facts:

23 May 2012: Regulation of medical implants: Carl Heneghan:

5 April 2012: St Helens mum left in agony by medical mesh launches campaign to help others:

3 September 2012: The scandal of women who STILL aren’t told the risks of bladder operations:

19 January 2012: Woman’s Hour: Urinary Incontinence and Transvaginal Tape:

15 August 2011: It was a simple implant to treat an embarrassing problem…The incontinence operation that is ruining women’s lives:


11 November 2014: Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee:

25 October 2014: Sunday Mail Great Scot Awards 2014 – Unsung Hero – Hear Our Voice

8 October 2014: Anne McTaggart MSP

23 July 2014: “I went through hell”: mesh risks reviewed as women speak out:

26 June 2014: Ministerial Statement:

23 June 2014: Health chiefs face flood of mesh legal claims:

17 June 2014: Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee:

17 June 2014: Health boards urged to suspend the use of mesh implants:

3 June 2014: Campaigners fight for surgical implant ban:

3 June 2014: Mesh implants victims give ‘heartbreaking’ evidence to MSPs: BBC Scotland News link:

3 June 2014: Scottish Parliament: Scottish Mesh Survivors “Hear Our Voice” petition:

3 June 2014: Liberal Democrats Health Spokesperson Jim Hume backs Scottish Mesh Survivors Campaign:

24 May 2014: Neil Findlay (Lab MSP), Margaret Mitchell (Cons MSP) & John Scott (Cons MSP):

13 May 2014: Scottish Government under pressure to suspend use of mesh implants:

10 May 2014: Controversial bladder operation has failed three times for Dundee gran:

3 May 2014: Shadow Health Secretary’s Topical Question (click on the + symbol):

April – June 2014: Graeme Morrice MP:

11 March 2014: Faulty implants end women’s sex life:

23 December 2013: Morning Star: Labour calls for end to medical implants causing severe pain:

November 2013: Health & Sport Committee – Ask the Health Secretary (page 3 and pages 9-11):


May 2014: Johnson & Johnson continues to kill women: Papantonio video: (3 mins in Ethicon email)

23 July 2014: Johnson & Johnson Blue Sh*t Coverup: Papantonio video:


8 December 2014: Dutch consumer programme on farcical state of device regulation in EU – PART 2:

1 December 2014: Dutch consumer programme reveals how to get a ‘device’ approved for CE mark:


3 July 2014: Health problems from mesh implants a medical disaster:
July 2014: New Zealand petitioners: Carmel Berry and Charlotte Korte (2 interviews):

24 March 2014: Mesh sufferers petition New Zealand Government for an Inquiry:


5 December 2014: Win for women: mesh implants deregistered:

18 November 2014: Law firm investigates more painful complications from pelvic mesh:

17 September 2014: Hunter women join class action against Johnson & Johnson over mesh genital implant devices:

24 November 2013: Women angry over side-effects from another Johnson and Johnson product:


12 October 2013: Woman sues Johnson & Johnson in possible $1.7 Billion class action suit:



2 thoughts on “Summary of Articles in UK and International Media, Scottish & UK Parliament

  1. Hello to admin at tvtinfo.

    Can I put this on your information page, so that many of your subscribers read this via your email reminders, please?
    This is from Kath Sansom’s FB page “Sling the mesh”. I have sent mine through on her photography email address, because I did not want to have it on FB. Consider sending yours. Get others you know to write to her. Kath at Evolution Photography It is really important that as many mesh victims come forward so that the MP , Steve Barclay, can create more awareness on mesh in Government. See below.
    Kind regards
    Ingrid h. xx

    Kath SlingtheMesh Sansom
    30 October at 23:13 · Edited
    URGENT: I am compiling a list of how long it took for your mesh complications to cut in to use as evidence for a forthcoming MP meeting. Please can you let me know your date of mesh insertion, the date you noticed problems and what those problems were. Also how many mesh removal ops you have had, if any, to fix it. Please keep as brief as possible. I am going to print it off as a roll call of REAL people with REAL lives that have been ruined. Thank you x

    Posted by Ingrid Hardacre | November 2, 2015, 1:52 am
  2. i have had 4 mesh proceedings since 20 09 i had the sling fitted in 20 12 i was taken ill last october 2017 i could not walk or sit down i was in agony i have now founed out i have a bladder stone due to the sling i have been told it is blue where it could be attached to the mesh its a year now and i am still waiting for the op to get it removed . the hospital informed me it could be next year before they do the op. i have had nothing but trouble since i have rejected the mesh from the start the amount of antibiotics is unbeleivable i have not gone months with with out having infections . i am now on or mophf. for the pain . im sueing the hospital and the company who supplied the mesh. yours faithfully june patmore lockeridge wilts

    Posted by June Patmore | October 4, 2018, 11:29 pm

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