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BBC Radio 4 report: PiP implants, the cosmetic industry and criticism of the European regulatory system

In this BBC Radio 4 report aired on 6th September 2012, Melanie Abbott reports on the aftermath of the PiP breast implant scandal, and reveals how two leading cosmetic surgery companies have blamed the European regulatory system for the scandal. PiP implants sold by a French company were found to contain industrial grade silicone filler … Continue reading

Daily Mail: Scandal of women who STILL aren’t told risk of bladder operations

In this article printed in the Daily Mail on 4th September 2012, Teresa Hughes says having surgery to implant a TVT tape was one of the worst decisions she ever made.  The news story tells how Teresa Hughes, a 61-year-old mother of two, suffered terrible complications after undergoing TVT surgery to treat stress urinary incontinence, … Continue reading

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